Biological Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Disease Follow-up Care

Oral hygiene is being considered more and more from a holistic perspective. The following factors can have an impact on our health in general:


  • Materials used in the mouth
  • Inflammation of root canals
  • Dental hygiene products in general use today

Our objective in the biological dental hygiene treatment and periodontal disease follow-up care is to offer you a gentle and individual therapy in order to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.


The Biological Dental Hygiene Procedure


    Detailed examination of the gums

    Examination of the mucous membranes

    An individual oral hygiene plan

    Advice on natural dental care at home and on the ingredients in oral hygiene products

    Gentle cleaning and polish of the teeth

    Lip and mucous membrane care

    Fluoride free mineral care


Treatment of gingival pockets within the framework of the periodontal disease follow-up care

Room scent of choice; relaxing face massage and hand massage on request.

We work with high-quality biological plant and mineral based products. The high-grade products from Natural Aroma Prophylaxe do not contain chemical substances such as parabens (artificial preservatives), synthetic aromas and colours, or titanium dioxide. Instead, we favour natural substances such as essential oils, Rügen healing clay and silicea.

Experience the soothing effect of gentle tooth cleaning with natural substances and relax in peaceful, calming surroundings.