A quick overview

The following pages give you a quick and informative overview of the treatments we offer in our practice. We have divided these treatments into four different areas.

Preventative Dentistry
This area gives you an overview of the treatments which enable us to effectively protect your teeth from dental illness and help prevent tooth decay for you and your children.

Conservative Dentistry
This area covers all procedures for conserving and restoring your teeth. It includes crowns, fillings, root canal treatments, prosthetics and periodontal treatment. With the help of modern treatment techniques and today's sophisticated materials we are both able to restore dental function and fulfil  the highest aesthetic requirements.

Cosmetic Dentistry
The state of our teeth has a profound affect on our health, on our appearance and subsequently on our self-confidence. With the help of cosmetic dentistry we are able to treat damaged and flawed teeth and create an unblemished and dazzling smile.

In addition to the normal dental procedures we have also specialised in a number of other areas of modern dentistry.