The mouth is a mirror of our health

"The mouth is the mirror of our health"  is the key message of biological dentistry. It reflects the connection between oral disease and other chronic diseases of the body such as diabetes, obesity, cardio-vascular disease, multiple sclerosis  and Alzheimer´s Disease 

There is no other part of the body  that so frequently has to deal with foreign materials (metals, mercury, toxins, necrotic teeth and inflamed tissue, etc.) as the mouth. 

60% of all chronic inflammations could
potentially be triggered in the masticatory system

Over the last 10 years the number of instances of chronic diseases has greatly increased, often due to the impact of environmental pollution on our immune system, through wrong diet or through foreign bodies in the mouth.

This is the reason we have decided to offer you a treatment option which takes these aspects into consideration. We are now able to remove any foreign bodies while ensuring maximum protection as well as carrying out reconstruction work in the mouth using only biologically compatible materials.

Metal-free Dentistry

is our motto.  We believe that biological dentistry can contribute to a healthy body.