Amalgam Removal

Amalgam consists of more than 50% mercury, which we all now know is poisonous to the human body.

When we remove amalgam we are required to  keep it  separate  in accordance with precise safety guidelines for disposal at a certified waste facility.

This is the material you have in your mouth!

In order to remove this toxin as easily and carefully as possible, we follow the following safety procedure:

Special barrier: Protection from the ingestion of splinters and fragments

Suction cleaner: Additional protection from mercury vapour

Oxygen supply via a special nasal device  oxidises the mercury and is additional protection for the lungs

IQ Air: a special, highly efficient suction pump, which eliminates as much vapour as possible.

Our recommendation to increase your body's own ability for the process of detoxification:

So that you are well prepared for the proposed amalgam removal, we recommend beginning with the detoxification process (Detox according to Dr. Nischwitz) 14 days before your appointment.

This recommends an increased amount of dietary supplements, which will help to offset any potential toxic contact with mercury which might elude the comprehensive protective measures taken.