Hightech Solutions

Conservative treatments include all the measures used to preserve the tooth in its form and function. Thanks to modern techniques it is seldom a problem to repair small defects using various types of fillings and inlays.  

Composite Fillings

For small defects we use a material called composite resin - a modern, durable, tooth-coloured synthetic material. Composite resins look more natural than other filling materials, they strengthen and protect the tooth by bonding to it and thus ensuring that the tooth can function normally. The type of composite we use depends on the tooth to be filled and the size of the defect, as well as personal choice. 

Inlays and Onlays

An effective alternative to plastic fillings are inlays and onlays made of gold or ceramics. For this method the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken. Since 2011 we have been producing our own ceramic restorations in-house using CEREC technology. This has a number of advantages for our patients. Ceramic fillings are valued for their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Gold is more visible but is long-lasting and durable, which makes it an ideal material for large back tooth fillings.