Functional and Aesthetic

Dental prosthetics includes all procedures for the reconstruction of missing teeth.

Prosthetics are vital to ensure the ability to chew correctly and avoid subsequent damage to the remaining teeth, jaw and chewing muscles. Missing teeth can also have a negative affect on our appearance and thereby undermine our self-confidence. New technologies enable us to offer you sophisticated and appealing dental replacements which look and work as well as your natural teeth.

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you personally to find the ideal solution for your individual problem.

Crowns and partial crowns
If the caries is too deep for a filling or inlay then we will use a crown or partial crown. A crown tightly covers the whole tooth, thus protecting it from further damage. For this procedure the root of the tooth must be stable and healthy. There are a wide variety of crowns available which vary according to material, appearance size and method of fixing.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are artificial root replacements upon which a crown or similar prosthetic construction is fixed. An implant is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth and contributes considerably to the patient's quality of life.

More information under Dental Implants.


A bridge covers at least one missing tooth. The neighbouring teeth are filed  and crowned and serve as pillars for the bridge.


Partial dentures
The standard procedure for partial dentures involves a removable prothesis, held in place by brackets, to replace a large gap in the teeth. However they are often uncomfortable and unappealing in appearance.

Today's gold standard is the so-called telescopic dental prothesis which provides maximum comfort and functionality as well as satisfying the highest aesthetics requirements. 


Full dentures
Should the patient have no teeth at all then a set of full dentures is obviously required. With today's technological developments we have a wide range of solutions at our disposal. We are highly experienced in this complicated procedure. It requires exact measurement of the jaw and extensive knowledge of the anatomical possibilities, combined with a healthy dose of insipiration. The dentures should fulfil your individual requirements without looking unnatural.