Professional Bleaching

With Philips ZOOM

We know how important a clean white smile is for your self-confidence and your general well-being. With our advanced Bleaching unit from Philips you have the opportunity to lighten your teeth in a matter of a couple of hours, recapturing the natural beauty of your teeth.

Why choose bleaching with Philips Zoom?


  • Quick, simple and efficient
    Philips technology is specifically developed to achieve impressive results in only one appointment.
  • Safe and reliable
    Philips is a trustworthy brand which stands for quality and safety. Zoom was specifically designed for bleaching and fulfils the highest quality standards. The special Zoom lamp lightens teeth more intensively than similar bleaching methods that don’t use light.
  • Individual treatment
    The treatment is carried out by our trained dental personnel. We provide a comprehensive consultation prior to treatment in order to plan treatment specifically for your needs and wishes.
  • Immediate results
    You leave the surgery with a fresh, new smile.

What does the treatment involve?


  • Before the bleaching treatment our patients require a professional cleaning to remove plaque and residue on the teeth.
  • On your appointment day you will need to plan about 2 hours for your treatment.
  • Treatment takes place in one of our normal surgery rooms.
  • Your lips are pulled back in order to reach your teeth and your gums are covered up.
  • The bleaching gel is applied to your teeth.
  • The Philips Zoom lamp is directed at your teeth and turned on.
  • The gel is activated by the light and starts to bleach your teeth.
  • This process is repeated 4 times.


Can I have my teeth bleached if I am under 18?

Bleaching on patients under the age of 18 is not permitted.

Can I have my teeth bleached if I am pregnant?

Bleaching should not be carried out on women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Is the treatment painful?

In very rare cases may experience a slight sensitivity to the cold but this disappears after 1-3 days. In general, this treatment is extremely tolerable.

How long does the treatment take?

Bleaching takes about 2 hours and can only be done in the surgery.

When will I see results?

You will see results immediately following treatment. Your teeth can be lightened up to 8 hues.