Harmony Braces

A completely invisible solution

Harmony braces are transparent and offer an invisible alternative to conventional braces. They are suitable for the correction of low to medium level misalignment in adult front teeth.

During your first visit to our surgery we make a mould of your teeth which is sent to the lab, where a set of braces are constructed which will move your teeth step-by-step to their desired position.

The first brace is worn for about 3 weeks. Following this the braces are changed approximately every 2 weeks. They are worn around the clock apart from at meal times and when you clean your teeth. The treatment is dependent on the individual analysis of your jaw and can vary in duration and number of braces required. On average up to 8 different braces are necessary and treatment takes 4 months. To ensure permanent realignment it is necessary to wear either a removable or a fixed retainer.

Image copyright: HarmonieSchiene®