Children's Dentistry

Healthy Teeth - for the rest of your life

In children's dentistry we monitor the development of your child's teeth right through to adulthood. It is vital that your child undergoes regular check-ups as scientific studies and our own experience have shown that tooth disease can be avoided with the correct care.

As we know already dental hygiene should start early - if possible even before the first milk tooth appears. In 1999 the German health system introduced a series of examinations (UZ1 - UZ6) for children from the age of 0 - 6 years. This allows the dentist to follow the development and support the growth of the milk teeth right from the start.

At the age of 6 your child should pay a visit to the hygienist for individual treatment, which is partly funded by the health service. We urge you to take part in these dental care programmes to help ensure your children's healthy teeth in the long term.

The six-monthly check-ups are absolutely essential.

Our children's prophylaxis includes the following:

  • Information and explanation of the cause of dental disease.
  • Colouring the teeth to show plaque.
  • Sealing the molars if necessary.
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Advice on and practice of cleaning techniques
  • Advice on tooth-friendly nutrition where appropriate

Our motto is "Healthy Teeth - for the rest of your life". Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.