Professional Cleaning

Safeguarding Dental Health

What is professional tooth cleaning?

No matter how well we clean our teeth there will always be areas where we cannot reach the plaque that has built up. The plaque is full of bacteria which can cause caries, inflammation and gum disease. The dental hygienist is able to clean your teeth effectively and remove damaging plaque , stains from coffee, tea and cigarettes , leaving the teeth looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

How is it done?

First of all the teeth are thoroughly examined.  We then discuss and explain the results. Parostatus, a software designed specifically for dental hygienists, allows us to collect and assess all the necessary periodontal information on an individual patient and subsequently develop a tailored treatment programme. Systematic data collection and analysis at each visit leads to continuing effective and high-quality treatment. Parostatus monitors the results at each visit, which encourages the maintenance of an effective cleaning regime by the patient. Patients receive an individual risk profile in the form of simple, straightforward printouts illustrated by text and graphics, together with recommended measures for dental care between visits to the practice.  

Professional tooth cleaning is carried out by our skilled dental hygienists and takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Using special instruments, surface plaque is removed as well as the plaque between the teeth and in the gum area. In our practice we use modern ultrasound instruments which clean gently but effectively.  The teeth are then polished so that bacteria cannot easily become re-established. Finally the teeth are coated with a special protective fluoride.

Following the cleaning we advise you on the correct oral hygiene, nutrition and further treatment required.

Professional Cleaning

  • Dental examination
  • Removal of plaque using ultrasound
  • Thorough clean
  • Polish
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Advice on dental  hygiene
  • Personal dental hygiene plan