Sugar-Free Mornings

In order to avoid banning sugar completely dentists recommend that children keep to a sugar free morning.

This means that after cleaning their teeth following breakfast (Note: wait at least 20 minutes after eating fruit or juices because the acid in these foods soften the tooth enamel) children should only eat non-sugary foods and drinks until midday. It is important that the teeth are cleaned thoroughly both mornings and evenings. Sugar-free periods, for example during the sugar-free mornings or at night, allow the teeth to recover from the acid and sugar attacks and give them a chance to be strengthened with the minerals in the saliva.

It is important that sugar free foods are chosen for the playgroup or sandwich box as part of this discipline. 

Suitable foods are:

  • Whole grain bread or rolls
  • Cheese or Cold Meats
  • Vegetable sticks: carrots, cucumber or paprika
  • Fruit
  • Natural Yoghurt or Quark with cereals
  • Water 

The above foods supply energy for the whole morning and contain essential vitamins and minerals. Sweet snacks and drinks only supply energy for a short period of time and are bad for the teeth.

The following foods should be avoided at all cost:

  • Sweet sandwich spreads
  • Sweet yoghurts or deserts
  • Juices and sweetened drinks
  • Children's snack bars (these are often sweetened)
  • Sweetened breakfast cereals